Designed for mothers,
inspired by women

We understand that now that you are a mother you do not have the time or space to think about yourself as you did before.
That is why at Laboratorios Cero we created Lactene, a line designed for mothers, inspired by women.

Only you, who know him from the ground up, know what is best for his skin.
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75 years of protection and well-being

Welcome to CERO

Only you who know him from Cero; you know the care, well-being and protection that you should put in it, that is why at Laboratorios Cero we develop products for the care of babies and mothers; because we know that nobody knows him like you.
Let’s start from Cero!

Cero Cream

The Cero Cream you’ve known your whole life now in new presentations and with new ingredients.

  • Its formula protects, soothes, softens and hydrates the skin in the diaper area.
  • Avoid irritations caused by heat, humidity, friction and immobility.
  • Forms an effective barrier between baby’s skin and irritants.
  • Discover all the presentations: Original – Aloe Vera – Calendula and Vitamin E – Concentrated.

you Will love it!

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